Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Bathe in eucalyptus epsom salt + castille soap.

I swear by this ritual for stress relief and achy muscles. 

I run a super warm bath and put a cap of this brand of epsom salt and as much as I want of Dr. Bronners pure-castile soap (Walgreens also carries a comparable less expensive version.) The combo will produce a milky effect and leave your skin feeling revitalized and super clean. And you'll feel super relaxed...like "put me right to bed" relaxed. I did it tonight right before writing this post (pardon any typos. My fingers feel like blissful jelly) so I anticipate a drowsy but productive slumber. #goodnight

Friday, January 24, 2014

Wall Street Greed Explained Simply.

I guarantee you will read this entire article


Tribe for your weekend.

Thank you, CED. :)

Perfect Iced Coffee.

One time I quit coffee for two years. I made nod worthy strides in my overall being and was generally less cranky in the morning, although that part took time. And as quickly as I decided to quit, I decided to drink one of life's simple pleasures once again. I believe it was Stumptown that wooed me back to the dark side. It was worth it. And in addition to a classic drip, one my favorite brews is poured over ice. It's visually pleasing as it is appetizing (see above image.)

Here's a recipe that claims being the best.

Photo via....sorry, I'm not sure. Please help.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Apartment Makeover

I have been itching to do a home makeover for some time now. Tonight This weekend I will share photos of our current apartment design, which I love because it's familiar, but I really do want to modernize the space.

The above image has a great color palette for couples. It's a nice combo of masculine-feminine, but not too sterile. Stay tuned for more.

And you can follow me on Pinterest here.

Photo via Design to Inspire.

Dreaming of Tulum...

On the beach in front of Coqui Coqui hotel looking incredibly happy...

Memorial weekend 2013.


       Beyond Lovers from Karina Cifuentes on Vimeo.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Spring Ready: Hermès

I'm over the dreary days and ready to welcome a little sunshine into my life. Now I wouldn't mind welcoming that day with Look 18 from the Spring 2014 Hermès collection. #covet 

Photo credit: Style.com


Track inspiration
Listen more intently
Eat well
Exercise regularly
Be dreamy and childlike when necessary
Read everything + write a lot
Take more risks
Travel (!)

There's more. But this list is pretty ambitious to begin with. 

Photo credit: Boots and Pine
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